Mope here, Today I’m going to do a bit of a rant here. Back story before I rant so we’re on the same page, one of my fav creators Salem, asked a question on his Twitter account. 👇

Immediately I saw this I had ten thousand things to type out, but I saw this 3 hours late and I decided to go through the comments first and y’all, this emoji – 🤯 that was my reaction. I can’t count how many times I’ve been termed rude and snobby by people who judge based on your social abilities.

Before I proceed, I’d like to let you know that being an introvert isn’t the same thing as being shy, being shy isn’t the same thing as being Introverted. You can be shy and be very extroverted, you can be introvert and not be shy at all.

According to Merriam Webster, an introvert is – a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone.

And a shy person is – easily frightened, hesitant in committing oneself. I used to be both. I was terribly shy and introverted at the same time. I had social anxiety (I still do), when we’re asked to talk to people or make friends in a gathering or seminar, I’d usually go to the bathroom to hide because I couldn’t deal.

My number 1 point will be, please stop forcing introverts to make friends on impulse. For someone like me, I like to be familiar with the dynamics of a person, how you act, and react. How you talk, how you eat and relate with other people. I’m never going to start talking to someone on impulse until I’ve studied you. I honestly get frustrated when older folks or peers try to force you to make friends especially with a mutual person. So upsetting and draining.

2. Sometimes I just withdraw, I pull out and draw back from people. You didn’t do anything, I just don’t feel like talking at the moment. I’ll laugh at what you say and all, but I’m honestly not in the mood to talk or chill out with you.

Honestly, if you’re a busy person, you won’t notice.

3. I’m a great conversationalist when I’m in the mood, but I can’t ever start the conversation. First of all, I’d freak out about how I’d have to walk up to you and start talking, my brain tends to always leave me hanging after I say hi.

4. People tell me that I frown a lot. It’s because I’m thinking up scenarios in my head, I play out all the possible outcomes in my head. 1. To keep myself company when I’m outside and 2. To avoid unnecessary friction with people. Honestly, people are hard… Sheesh.

I’m an over thinker and I spend a lot of time with myself.

5. I get irritated by loud friends more often than never. It’s so annoying because sometimes I just want me time, because I’m having a board meeting in my head drawing out schedules and making mental notes on what to do and you’re interrupting my train of thoughts. Honest I can deck you.

6. Because I spend a lot of time thinking and replaying scenarios in my head, when it’s time to do something that involves a skill, I tend to pour all of me into it. Trust me I’m not doing over sabi, neither am I trying to show off. I’m just playing out all I’ve thought up and all I’ve consumed. I love reading and researching and finding out new things.

7. I’d rather initiate conversations when there’s a need for them. Like I would do well talking to a large crowd of people I don’t know than I would with one person whom I have no reason to talk to. I don’t know why. I can give a really good pitch to someone I don’t even know, and I’d fumble when you add talk to this person just for the fun of it. I really hope this point is understood.

8. Some times I feel people really hate me and I just stay in my own space and world because I’m super scared of meeting their hate. I’ve checked my energy level and nah, I ain’t got strength.

9. There’s such a thing as social battery, trust me. Mine finishes so fast, it irritates me. I can be the one to even ginger my friends to go out, and once we outside my battery is 0% and I start having a headache and counting seconds till it’s time to leave.

10. To all our extroverted friends, we love you. The world is better because y’all start up conversations and have energy for two. Thank you so much for being our friends ❤️

I have a long list, but my phone is acting up and I’m really tired and sleepy. Anyway feel free to add yours if you’re an introvert.

And to the extroverts, how do you guys feel, we barely hear any rants from you guys. I’d love to read a post like this by an extrovert.

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Till next time, Love and light

Mope ❤️

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