Hey you, I know, I went MIA on y’all, I’m sorry. Anyway, today’s question came about from the scripture I read this morning in Romans 12:9-21

The devotion for this morning asked us to outline the characteristics we’d want in a friend, one we consider perfect. Then we were asked to check what we have on our list with what Paul wrote in Romans 12:9-21.

I used to think I couldn’t have a great relationship with female folks. I had this train of thoughts because majority of my friends are guys. Ladies felt really fake to me and I didn’t really enjoy their company. I felt all my female friends were going to be the ones that I grew up knowing, that was until I met Nutella in the university.

I’m at the stage of my life, where I’m really intentional about making same gender friends (online and offline) it’s good to have people, in your 20’s you should actually invest in people. Our parents had long term friendships, I honestly don’t know how they did it, but to an extent, I’m benefiting from the friendships my parents had in their own 20’s.

Just as we’re intentional about having a romantic relationship that will last for a life time, let’s also be intentional about having friends that will last for a life time.

I strongly believe that same gender can be friends. I grew up thinking that if I were to ever be friends with a guy, that’ll be who I’d marry. Silly right? But that was how much I knew.

But these days, with the inclusion of same sex marriage and LGBT, it’s kind of hard to see same gender having platonic fun without many minds wandering and thing they may be gay. Same sex can be friends, they can stand up for each other and be there for one another, they can enjoy each other’s company too, without any thing sexual attached.

Let me end by saying, Instead of searching for the perfect friend, try being/becoming the person you’re looking for. The attributes you’d love to see in your friend, try having them and watch how people would gravitate to your light.

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Ciao ✌️

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